Awww shit, a fly just landed in my pizza!
by Mark H October 10, 2004
what a bird does. i mean come on, people its not that hard.
all birds fly. but people cant unless they're mentally ill.
by whocares March 02, 2005
To say your high but in a way that only few will know what you mean.
I'm So Fly meaning I'm So High
#fly #high #soar #stoned #sober
by love the rippers November 11, 2006
Fly: A way to swim. Both arms go over the water from the back to the front. You swim face down. Both legs move verticaly at the same time. swim like a dolfin. The newest style to swim. Originaly this was brest, but there where so many changes that they made it a new way to swim
Check eurosport for examples :P
by the MOD October 13, 2004
Fast Life Youngstas...a new rap group
F.L.Y. sings Swag Surfin.
#fast life youngstas #fast life youngstaz #fast life yungstas #fast life yungstaz #fast lyfe youngstas
by yomamma69 April 12, 2009
To be fly is to be cool, and amazing and awesome.
Indigo Wallis and Anna Spaul are extremely FLY
#fyl #lyf #cool #amazing #awesome
by ahaaa1412 November 26, 2011
The stupid little worthless flying bug that lands on your window and has a fucking seizure on it and when the curtains are pulled away, the stupid little thing still cant find a way out and doesn't go away.
Fly 1: OH MA GAWD I CANT GET OUT!!!!! *has seizure*
Fly 2: Window is wide open dumb-ass!!!
Fly 1: Oh, ok.... *doesn't go away.*
Fly swatter: HA YOU STUPID THING! *smacks the hell outta the fly*
#fly #stupid #dumb #window #fly swatter
by mehmehmehmehFLY June 04, 2011
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