to go really fast

Press the accelerater to the max to make ur car go really really fast
Aiyo, this manual myvi can really FLY la

Ur head la, my satria neo only can FLY
by peace :) June 21, 2009
To become off the ground and move.
A bird can fly throughout the world gracefully and carefree.
by Michael Plumlee June 25, 2007
1. zipper on jeans
2. cool, hot in style
3. fine, sexy
4. an aggrevating bug
1. Dude, your fly's unzipped!
2. Those new Tims are mad fly!
3. Damn! That girl is so fly!
4. Shoo, fly don't bother me!
by Jensen January 01, 2005
Northern Irish slang, meaning unfair, cruel/unkind or bigoted/stubborn.
Unfair or Cruel/unkind:
Teacher: Right, everyone is getting double homework this weekend!
Guy 1: That's so fly we don't even deserve it!

Guy 1: Can I've a lend of your pencil?
Guy 2: No way it's mine!
Guy 1: Come on don't be fly!
by M&Msmorelikesmarties November 27, 2010
Experiencing the effects of drugs.
I'm flying pretty high on some dynamite coke right now!
by Uncle Al April 14, 2005
Contrary to popular belief, this work is acutally a verb (and not a noun as it is commonly percieved in such retarded phrases as: "I am one fly mother fucker." This is however pretty queer. Fly-->To travel through the air.
Learn how to use this word properly or else go fly of a cliff you sorry piece of illiterate shit.
by Dominic March 23, 2005
another way to say im "leaving"

ayo bruv, im gonna fly back to my gaff for abit innit!
by L!kkle Rawlz August 30, 2006
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