a sexy or hot person/thang
Yo,fly,wanna come up?
by shar March 11, 2004
aesthetically pleasing
When I finish my computer case, it will be bitchingly fly!
by Chase November 29, 2003
1.sly incesct
3.your zipper
1.omg. that guy he is so fly
2.that fly keeps landing on my food
3.your fly is down
by lewis June 10, 2006
to be cool. something awesome.
"thats fly", said Josh about his new shoes.
by eli b December 10, 2005
making your collar stand straight up...otherwise known as popping your collar.
John: Hey, im gonna fly, k?
Lisa: No, that was so last year, you need to land before anyone sees you.
by Natalie February 03, 2005
To have new clothes on
"With new clothes on Im fly" RIP Big L flamboyant for life
by Ryan Smith October 03, 2003
A word used to describe something that looks extra nice or good. Mostly used when talking about clothing and accessories.
I am going to buy this jacket, it is so fly!
by Nostrand March 01, 2009

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