aesthetically pleasing
When I finish my computer case, it will be bitchingly fly!
by Chase November 29, 2003
Adjective, often used as a qualifier attesting to the worth or style of a person or thing.
" Hey Buster, You is pretty fly; for a White Guy"

Freeform rapping to small groups will solicit the phrase in the "call and response" adopted from Baptist preaching methods.
by Priz Biz Sage June 08, 2005
1.sly incesct
3.your zipper
1.omg. that guy he is so fly
2.that fly keeps landing on my food
3.your fly is down
by lewis June 10, 2006
something so good, it could actually be air borne
Dag, that car is fly!
by feles April 02, 2005
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