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red bull and smirnoff mix = "balla wata".

that party wuz wild lass nite, evry one got drunk off that "balla wata"

wut we drankin tonite man?
we drankin that balla wata
wut that?
redd bull n smirnoff.
balla wata man
by ztunna November 07, 2006
canada iz great north, south iz dirty south, canada iz great north.
i represent da great north, wit my temper really short.
dirty south, mid west, west coast, great north.
by ztunna November 05, 2006
bitchin, non stop talkin, and complaining.
quit your naggin' nag, nag, nag, thats all you do.
also heard on the song "naggin' by the ying yang twins".
by ztunna November 05, 2006
person wit cash, bling, n gurls, ztunna big balla
ztunna big balla gettin crunk makin dolla
c'mon baby gurl let me hurr u holla

makin money, mackin honey's

gettin paid gettin laid
by ztunna November 05, 2006
wen u get drunk drinkin different kinds of alcohol.
bd: fukk i juss killed that 40 of smirnoff man
lb" that all u drank?
bd: no man i had grey goose, silent sam, and captain morgan im "hella drunk" man
by ztunna November 07, 2006
ridin' presidential is wen u have chauffeur drivin u aroun in ur car usually a limo, and theres a fleet of black suvs behind u, ridin presidential, it iz seen on 50 cents wanksta video, and also tha president wud be ridin' presidential.
damn look at that limo and those suvs behind it
bd: muss be good drivin aroun in that limo
lb: hell yea im ridin' presidential.
by ztunna November 06, 2006
to snitch, hear'n peoples problems and listenin to sum one snitch, and rat sum one out.

live-o tell tha whole world wut u hear'd
walk down tha street and see sum one talk to da cops, fukk live-o

jd: hey man u hurr jb robbed that bank lass nite
lb: "walkin by", shht live-o. he a snitch
by ztunna November 06, 2006
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