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n. A fencing technique that combines a lunge (a common offensive footwork) with a fleche (a popular pre-90s footwork that became illegal following the 1988 Seoul Olympics) in order to maximize reach and minimize time of the attack. When properly executed, a flunge can transport a fencer in a distance far greater than any normal footwork would.

The term is in wide use by English-speaking internationl community, but it has yet to be adopted by the Franco-centric authority of the sport.
Just when he thought he was out of distance, his opponent excuted a flunge. He was convinced that it was an illegal fleche, and appealed the ruling.
by Don Saltena April 06, 2006
The flunge is the wobble of flesh that protrudes between the waistband of hipster trousers and the hem of a too-short t-shirt.
Look at the flunge on her!
Don't wear that, it's a bit flungy.
by 4rthur October 17, 2004
to come over the area between bum and fanny on a woman
i couldn't decide to go for the pink or the brown and in the end i flunged it
by fussyballbag January 20, 2011
the act of flying off the handle at someone, while lunging at them
I was arguing with my redneck uncle and he flunged and scared the shit out of me!
by Wade November 23, 2004
a meal taken after dinner, but before breakfast of the following day.
typically had while drunk between the hours of 11pm-6am at a van of some description, flunge is a meal enjoyed every night around the world. typical flunges include:
- burgers
- chips
- kebabs
- instant noodles
- cereal

'flunge' originated in chesham, buckinghamshire, by a group of five young men eager to find a word for the most important meal of the day.
by seagull26108 April 30, 2011
A form of bukaki using a dog cone collar tied tight around the neck. the jiz is filled up until the victim breaths bubbles of jiz.
I love to Flunge
by Dan Custard September 04, 2009
A word consisting of letters that are all silent. May also be spelt "flunge" before a vowel.
Not to be confused with flange, which is so very, very different.
Alio: Don't you think Backchat is great?
Bob: Flunge, what?
Alio: I'll go now...
by Topper & ANBY June 17, 2004
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