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Montreal QC Canada. The city of Saints. Sin City of the North. Party town.
- Yo! Where you from?
- I represent the M-T-L, where you'll find the best weed on the continent.
by Wade February 24, 2005
semen and sperm...ejaculate
Dude, that's just nasty! Your sheets have dried baby batter on 'em!
by Wade November 27, 2004
cute, funny, witty, kind, has nice socks, is a great friend. Grant is loveable.
"Wade thinks Grant is the shit"
by Wade April 05, 2003
To hit someone with a handful of flour while they are asleep, covering their heads. Results in the production of "nose muffins".
Let's antique his sleeping ass.
by Wade March 21, 2003
A woman whose finest attributes can be seen as she sits across the table from you at dinner, i.e., from the table up.
Although she looked hot from across the bar, when Dr. Hoppe got close enough to see her ass he realized she was, at best, a respectable dinner date.
by Wade March 08, 2005
the act of flying off the handle at someone, while lunging at them
I was arguing with my redneck uncle and he flunged and scared the shit out of me!
by Wade November 23, 2004
the term for a pimped out rolex, as reffered to by snoop dogg
"I got a roley on my arm, and i'm pourin sean don, and i'm doin the best, cuz i got it goin on."-snoop dogg (drop it like its hott)
by wade October 27, 2004

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