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A loving word amongst friends that holds negative meaning like idiot or asshole. Except, as stated.. loving!

Can be a prefix to any word in the english language to just call someone something that perplexes them.
"Derp Derp, I love chicken and shinto"
"Shelly, you're a flung!"

"Flungbagel. Flungsicle. Flungsandwhich. etc"
by Mr. Sean October 01, 2006
Describes a fling that is completely over and done.
Liliana: What every happened to that young, cute bartender you were seeing.
Allie: Oh ya, that fling has flung.
by Lotusflower August 26, 2007
To use, make use of, or apply to
Origin: When a card (credit, debit, discount, etc.) is thrown on a counter, it is said to have been 'flung'
Everytime my father went to a hotel, he always flung his AARP card down and demanded a senior rate.
I didn't have enough cash on me so i just flung my Visa and signed away my soul.
by pythonspam November 30, 2003
to fuck or plunge ur self on some 1,
fry u just flunged on kita !
by Tazzzzzzzzzzzz! July 21, 2006
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