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to have sex orally anally and vaginally in same sex session
man we went for it last night i scored a perfect hatrick
by fussyballbag January 22, 2011
to come over the area between bum and fanny on a woman
i couldn't decide to go for the pink or the brown and in the end i flunged it
by fussyballbag January 20, 2011
the habit of other trades on building sites of peeing into buckets bricklayers keep their tools in
that twat Tarby left his brick acid in his bucket so i brickpissed it
by fussyballbag April 03, 2011
a miserible oldish man who is grumpy
look at Bob isn't he a frusteratron
by fussyballbag January 20, 2011
the art of running through back gardens jumping either over or through hedges, fences etc as a hedgehog would run through gardens normally done after drinking in early hours of the morning or late night
we had a ball last night hedgehogged Ladysmith Avenue last night i love hedgehogging
by fussyballbag April 05, 2011
shortened name used by people in England to call inhabitants of the county of Norfolk from the term Norfolk Dumplings, also used to discribe supporters of Norwich City football club
really can't stand those dumplings why are they allowed out of Norfolk ?
by fussyballbag April 03, 2011
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