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British standard English past tense and past participle for 'learn'
I learnt that Americans have difficulties with irregular verbs.

I had learnt all I needed to know.
by Dave the Redneck Brit October 21, 2003
To "get turnt" on knowledge or under the influence of education.
Billy: Man, this weekend I'm gettin so learnt
Dylan: Dude, don't you mean turnt
Billy: No, I have to study for a big test monday
by purplepenguin627 February 22, 2015
to not learn anything, but the teacher thinks you have
I have learn't so much english and grammar this year.
by madz11223 June 04, 2015
Redneck for Learned
I learnt how to fix the car.
by Donnan August 28, 2003
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