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The voice of senile people!
Oh, here goes the AARP defending seniles right to drive though they'll more than likely plow down people!
by Piranha November 21, 2004
1)Well organized gang of shakedown artists running a protection racket, extorting usurious payoffs from honest businesses using the tactical codewords 'Senior's Discount'. Using tactics not dissimilar to those of organized crime, differing only in its blatant daylight robbery nature and its quasi-legitimacy as an NGO.
2) The Political wing of the notorious Grey Panthers.
1)'Gimme my discount or the next issue of the AARP Newsletter will PUBLISH your sorry ass'
2)'I'm sorry, Mr. Pharmaceutical Company, but if I vote for tariffs on drug imports, the AARP will make sure that I can't get elected dogcatcher in this district'
by MYCRFT May 21, 2005
How old people get things cheaper.
I have my AAR- (gasp) MY HIP!!!
by Tony ramone June 18, 2005
(v.) flirting or getting hit on by a person fifteen or more years, one's senior.
In reference to a female, aarping around. In reference to a male, aarping it up. The former carries a negative connotation.
Girl, why do grown old men keep trying to buy you drinks and get your number at the club? Quit aarping around!

Dude, I know you think your English teacher is hot, but quit aarping it up!
by Vandys Finest April 14, 2007
An acronym for African American Retirement Planning. Sometimes used as a verb.
The practice of filing a (possibly specious but nonetheless prosecutable) discrimination suit against one's employer in order to pocket a hefty settlement.
Did you hear about Tennie Pierce? Dude got awarded $1.6 million dollars for some firehouse prank. LAFD just got AARPed.
by gentrifier January 07, 2014
The sound an old man makes sitting in a beanbag chair.
Now, let me just sit dooown... AARP!
by Sabadabas December 08, 2010
The loud belches that old people tend to make involuntarily.
That Pot Roast sure was good...

by Craig Bartal January 05, 2005

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