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She is a good person INSIDE an OUT! She is always pretty no matter what, morning, noon, and night. She is prettier if she is a brown haired and brown-eyed!! She is trustful and the best friend you can ever have!
Sexy Cutie {;Girl of your dreams! Or boy??] Liliana
#hott #sexy #melts in your mouth #stops traffic #beautiful #and bangable
by The only Cutie B#&$*es March 02, 2010
the most awesomeness person in the whole worlds woot woot
haha porch monkeys :P
liliana listens to me complain
#lili #liliana #buddy #hottie #awesomeness
by johnathan porch monkey August 11, 2008
A gorgeous girl who is so beautiful she intimidates guys with her beauty. She is kind-hearted, optimistic, and loves being with her friends and family. If you have a Liliana, hold onto her! She's too precious to lose.
Brandon: "Damn that girl is hot."
Justin: "No shit, that's Liliana."
#lillian #lili #lily #lila #lilli
by learninghowtofly22 July 23, 2013
A Liliana is smart, generous, thoughtful, artistic, creative, kind, caring, amazing person. A Liliana is very rare.
A Liliana
#liliana #is #amazing #omg #like #forreal
by 3_3 October 05, 2013
A girl with brown hair and eyes, who is the self proclaimed "Ninja of Awesomeness" (and seems to get some ego from saying it too - but don't try to deny that she isn't, or she'll sucker kick you in the face and or crotch). She's short, but hopes to be as tall as her friends. She also loves to draw anime and such, having doing so for seven years. She also loves to procrastinate, eat junk food, the occasional but oh so rare work out, roleplay online, drool over bishounens, hang with her one very cool friend, and look up random shiz on the internet. And loves to be a hermit.

Did she mention that Hakumei loves porn and hentai? Because Hakumei does.
Darn it, who's she?
Oh, some hermit, I think her name's Liliana.


Liliana! Look! Bishounen!
#liliana #hakumei #hermit #drawing #anime #roleplay #bishounen #awesomeness #ninja #of
by Hakumei Akari June 17, 2010
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