to leave; go; take off; to ride off; bounce.
"Dawg let's flip , we need to get out of here."
by c law February 27, 2005
1) to get very angry and slightly out of control

2) a polite substitute for the word 'fuck'
1) if you don't stop singing in my ear i am seriously going to flip!!

2) what the flip?!
by parlez January 30, 2005
to take something of little value and and turn it into some bank, turn it and make a profit
man i flipped that babbage bra
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
v. to beat someone up.
he don't watch his mouth, he gonna get flipped.
by Victor April 11, 2003
a nickname for hot guys, specifically skaters, with long, shaggy hair that they constantly have to "flip" out of their face by tossing their heads
Did you see flip today? He was looking ill sonnnnnn

Check out the new kid. He's such a flip.
by cfrrmj February 16, 2007
double, refered to dope in this case.
say u wanted a dime flip, then u would
get $20 of dope and make that $10 profit.
"cuz hook me up with a flip of that boy"
"what u need?"
"a dime flip."
by Buonodono October 11, 2005
An Icy. Frozen Kool-aid usually comes in a paper cup. After you lick to syrupy top you flip it over and enjoy ones summer favorite to cool off. It is sold in neiborhoods (mainly in FL that I know of) by an older lady for $.25-.50.
Its hot, lets go get a flip.
Whos sells flips over here.
by Nicol August 27, 2005

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