The flip: act of flipping a mans chest and/or boob with the index and middle finger in a upwards and gentle manner.
To flip: I saw Josh Dugue today and I greeted him with a
by Zach Ellis September 27, 2007
Alternative to fuck and feck, generally for use in the presence of clergy.
Shut your flipping mouth!

Oh flip, I said feck!
by Darth Ridley March 08, 2007
Used as a single expression. A word used as a code to indicate that a hot/cute/sexy person is around. Can be used as an adjective,or noun.
"Wheres the flip?"
by dai dai March 16, 2005
change sexual orientation usually by coercion and/or manipulation
Be careful, they'll try and flip you.
by austin the goat February 11, 2005
A Skateboarding company who make decks, wheels, etc. They also make skateboarding movies, such as "Sorry" and "Really Sorry" featuring skaters like Tom Penny, and Ali Boulala.

They also make clothes too.
Flip decks are cool.
by Flip February 01, 2004
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