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A mild curse word. Often used by the British, and West Indians.
That flipping double decker cut me off!

De police lash me in me flippin' head!
by cooliebai August 11, 2003
126 51
Combining Ecstacy with another drug. Usually makes the other drug more intense and produces friendlier effects.
Candy Flipping - Combining LSD with MDMA

Robo flipping - Combining DXM with MDMA.
by Arm November 05, 2004
113 66
The act of buying drugs for cheap and selling them for more.
I'm flipping ounces to save up for college.
by flippinslang May 16, 2010
55 15
A mild alternative for the word "fuck". Often used by the British.
a sensored word for "fucking"
flipping hell mate, why are you taking so long
by Jansher June 13, 2008
74 42
The process by which two or more bros have sex with a woman within a a short period of time consecutively one after another.
"Dude have her over shes down to flip." "I know man, me and my bro flipped her last weekend."

"Was that girl flipping around the party last night?"
by vanilla "shwayze" ice October 06, 2011
32 17
The act of selling drugs.
I'm flipping weed now.
by da big dick nigga January 15, 2009
47 35
The act of slipping someone a FlipMe! card as a way to get their attention, break the ice, or make an instant connection.
That chick has been looking at me all night. I'm definitely flipping her
by Flippin' Awesome September 09, 2010
8 11