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a night on the town heavily drinking with your friends, pub crawling.
We were out on the town having a lash with our mates!

That was a good lash last night.
by Bromi November 06, 2005
338 162
Heavy Drinking, usually at night time and purpotrated by a group of "lads", although females occasionally can join.
"Out On the lash tonite?
by BRRB March 24, 2007
163 73
to go out have a good time drink loads, smoking loads, and bantering and pulling loads of people
thats was a quality night out on the lash
by nitta_54321 March 31, 2008
67 59
When you are having sex.
Hey do you want to lash today?

Yes sure.....
by Erika Rodriguez March 11, 2014
1 5
when someone makes you angry or annoys you,you react to it

the reaction is lashing
stop vexing me or ill lash at you
by Babbi G July 04, 2010
15 29
To rudely leave a person or people without an explantion or apology.
"Oh my god, Ashlee lashed us for that slut Tina again!"
by cRaZy-HuNNii December 01, 2004
28 42
1. Lashings of: a large amount of, used mainly to refer to things like cream, custard etc.
2. Lash: to strike with a whip
3. Lash together: to bind together with ropes etc
4. To get lashed: this is simply to get very drunk/pissed inebriated/sloshed/hammered/legless/rat-arsed /etc. Lash can also be used as a noun meaning alcohol.

As in: 'Hey, do you fancy going out and getting lashed tonight?'
As in: 'Hey, do you fancy going out on the lash tonight?'
by zimo August 16, 2004
61 75