a female who is easily coaxed with a few words into commiting sexually acts
'oh yeah she a flip'
by ya boi swingem October 11, 2003
Any skateboard move where the board 'flips' or turns over 1 or more times in the air.
Most commonly used to describe a 'kickflip'.
"What type of flips can you do?"
"Hardflips and 3-0 Flips mainly, see if I can bust a switch flip (switch kickflip) over this gap."
by Diego September 11, 2003
to make double the profit off of something.
Some bitch gives you 25 bucks, you go by a half and sell it for 50. you flipped it and came out double.
by Big MACK April 23, 2003
1. Subsitute for FUCK
2. the being of a retard
3. randomization of any emotion
1. Graham: shut the flip up sean.

2. Graham: sean is such a flip

3. Graham: hey flipness bins flip
by BINS FLIP September 13, 2009
slang term- meaning to take the drug ecstasy
Randy: "Dude, you look so messed up, how much did you fucking drink?"
Brandon: "None, man i flipped tonite.."
by Rooo November 15, 2005
v.to turn things around and around
Please flip the pancake.
by William Joseph Hemmington December 19, 2004
the female gentialia
any sexual act that the speaker does not wish to speak of aloud
So we were... erm... doin' the flip...
by Johnny December 08, 2003

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