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A Funny Little Island Person
My english teacher is a flip.
by xtrmlyblond November 22, 2007
slang term- meaning to take the drug ecstasy
Randy: "Dude, you look so messed up, how much did you fucking drink?"
Brandon: "None, man i flipped tonite.."
by Rooo November 15, 2005
v.to turn things around and around
Please flip the pancake.
by William Joseph Hemmington December 19, 2004
the female gentialia
any sexual act that the speaker does not wish to speak of aloud
So we were... erm... doin' the flip...
by Johnny December 08, 2003
The word FLIP has come to mean the tendency for some Filipinos to go back on their word and "flipflop."
An excerpt from Talking Heads singer David Byrne's Journal:Facts talking about Philippine hero Emilio Aguinaldo as he would "flip" from side to side.

"A “hero” who fought against the Spanish colonial rule, Aguinaldo, felt that Bonifacio, the firebrand leader of the revolution, lacked the requisite military skills, and he broke ranks with him. Aguinaldo made a demand to the Spaniards that in return for peace and a promise that he would leave the Philippines a huge payment would be made in installments — climaxing in a final payment along with a public apology and the playing of “Te Deum” at the Manila cathedral.

In 1897 Aguinaldo signed the deal with Spain in a cave where he was holed up, and upon receiving the money he split, with the cash, for China (or Japan) and in the process suddenly declared his loyalty to Spain (!). What? After all that he just skipped off with the money? (To be fair, the Spanish did capitulate to the peace demands, but with some U.S. help) In ‘98 he returned, and disavowed his disavowal, and then pledged to fight the Americans, who had helped to oust the Spanish.

Aguinaldo resurfaced in the public eye again in 1935 when the Philippines became a quasi-independent nation. He ran against Manuel Quezon in the first election, but he lost. Anyway, the point is that he changed colors, back and forth, and no one seemed to mind, or they just took it in stride. He seemed just as passionate about whatever side he was on."
by Metalgalaxy March 27, 2010
Once a derogatory term for Filipinos, the nascent Filipino first generation culture of the 1990's (often associated with the Filipino Pride or "AZN" movement in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area) reconciled a hybrid identity that was both American and Filipino by appropriating the term FLIP as one of pride and solidarity. Much like how the African American community appropriated the once derogatory term "nigger," into "my nigga," the term has become a way of subverting the dominant culture's use of language to label, suppress, and compartmentalize the minority. In many ways, the appropriation of a once derogatory term for the minority into one of pride and solidarity has become a way for the minority to create and assert their own identity in the face of a society that once actively sought to suppress that identity.
FLIP Pride, Proud to be a FLIP, FLIP beauty
by Dr. Fujita-Rony August 16, 2007
to leave; go; take off; to ride off; bounce.
"Dawg let's flip , we need to get out of here."
by c law February 27, 2005