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while playing basketball, if you get fouled on a shot AND make it....
"he takes it strong to the hole...(gets fouled and make da layup)AND ONE BABY!"
by tara January 05, 2004
In basketball when a player is shooting, gets fouled while shooting and makes the attempt and has a foul shot to come, the ref goes "two points and one......"
"player drives to the hole dunks and gets fouled, and has one foul shot to come or and 1"
by J-EmCee August 07, 2004
whilst playing beer pong, after sinking a cup, the opponent knocks over another cup trying to get the ball out of the cup or trying to block a bounce.
jackson just knocked over a cup! thats the cup i sank.... AND ONE
by jake R. September 04, 2013
After taking a hit from a bong you drink the bong water.
Hey Dude!! Did you see that he just did an And One, he almost died!
by OBEY_LRG_KREW July 21, 2011
When one smokes an additional bowl when already high. Used as a method of pushing stonedness over the limit.
Damn that and one really fucked us up.
by Tim1224 November 30, 2006
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