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to totally switch up on a person and turn from friend to enemy. Mostly when you rob a friend and do them "dirty".
Fuck Kevin, that nigga's bout 2 get flipped on.
by 2La May 13, 2004
City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Used as a noun to describe atmosphere.
Where you from? Liquerdale, south side.
by 2La May 13, 2004
Grey goose. Slang for those who have consumed the beverage and cannot speak straight.
"Get a bottle of the Groose grab a mic and flow".
by 2La May 13, 2004
a herb. a stupid ass nigga. see pussy
I can't belive you didnt fight back, your herbie derbie putsack.
by 2La May 13, 2004
to disrespect. to do someone "dirty". to rob or jack someone.
Why you poochin on me, this aint not dime sack?
by 2La May 13, 2004
To steal. To rob. To short someone on a sack, either coke, weed, or some pills. Also see poochin.
J: I sold this cat 4 exedrin and said it was rollz.
Erik: Thats a buck.
by 2La May 13, 2004
Referring to Hollywood, Florida. Woods are a very shady place with lots of trees.
Ima head to the woods and grab sum ghetty.
by 2La May 13, 2004

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