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DMV (D.C. Maryland Virginia) Term

Means to go smack, or flirt at a very beautiful person who is also called bait.
Hence, "save" them from the rest of the people trying to go smack at them.
Yea shawty, I'm tryna save you.
by DmvHunnieeeeLilBitz August 01, 2010
71 12
Used as a reference to when a wingman comes through and helps out his friend in a dire situation.
Fuck man, the maid of honor kept cock blocking my boy Tony and he couldn't even get near the Bachelorette, until his wingman Shawn came through and hopped on that grenade. What a save.

Also see: blown save
by Big Pimping January 04, 2008
37 18
Goes-without-sayingly used in place of 'except' in olde' English.
That's the last of it then!
Save, you actually getting your shi* together for once...
by zeptinune October 18, 2010
10 8
Expression used to convey when a person should have kept what they said aloud to themselves.
Also can be used to express dislike, or criticize a person's statements or actions.

To label what someone has done or said as foolish.

The opposite of bet: meaning acceptance.

Can be used by itself, or in conjunction with other insults.
Mary: Is using sucking off a guy with a mint condom a substitute for brushing your teeth?
George: Save girl, you're fucking nasty.

Justin: Hey man, you wanna come over and check out my Battlestar Galactica figures?
Matt: Save.
by red robbins May 08, 2010
10 9
The act of relieving oneself at the "save point" of bodily fluids and other (semi)dense substances, (may or may not involve flushing).

"Save point" can refer to any location assigned or improvised to function as toilet.

Expression derived from Wii game No more heroes where the save point is on the toilet.

She looked around nervously exclaiming: "Dude that burger went down too fast, I need to save like NOW!".

by aernei July 10, 2008
5 12
To give a girl wut she wants when she dont even want u
Don't save that hoe.
by Juice June 27, 2003
33 47