To reprimand, scold someone firmly get your point across immediately.
The forum member flamed me for posting the wrong information.
by Celest April 11, 2008
a word used to make fun of an opposing click
"man, don`t worry about them . They some flames
by Rayvin Silas January 22, 2007
a new word for a lighter
hey man pass me the flame so I can light up a ciggarette
by Grey Jones January 25, 2005
A responce to a post that is in such error, it implies to poster is a total idiot.
Post: Computer geeks need to get a life!

Responce: WTF! Shut your bitch ass mounth you dumb punk!
by folkor June 26, 2003
To Flame - causing problems unneeded in public places, without restrictions to words, sayings, or ideas, expressed throughout a conversation casuing someone to feel hurt, or bad in some way

They said in irc that cailas was the recipiant of a Flame
ffs rash you smelly cunt im going to flame you
by Atb576458 May 11, 2007
Meaning something was good, great, the best, love it.
Man that food we had last night was flame.
by nadilla June 24, 2006
To send email messages that criticize someone.
It is something everyone has the right to do now and then.
I should not have to find any of my definitions that flame others recomended for deletion.
by Light Joker April 27, 2004

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