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n. - something good or worthy of praise
v. - to do something with extraordinary talent
as a noun: my basketball game is flame
as a verb: i flamed that three-pointer
by Steveo October 13, 2003
8 21
to diss someone or make fun of them
Bobby Johnson-Man, where you get those shoes, Wal-Mart.

Ray-Ray-Shut yo skeet E.T. on crack ass up.

Loco- Damn you gettin Flamed dog
by K-Unit of KCtown March 21, 2006
6 20
Something which is both lame and funny. The word originates from Sir Micheal Of The Hillside/Woodside Massife.
"That joke was flame"
by ararrar November 17, 2005
4 18
an extremly cheep brand of beer usualy drunk by the extremly poor youth. also known as 'student piss'
"hay ive got 20 bucks lets get pissed on flame"
by Alex March 15, 2005
7 21
1) shit talking (usually the product of a moronic person)

2) the product of fire
"Dis bitch kept flamin me on deeze internet forums meng"
by kid June 19, 2003
50 64
Pure,High Grade Cocaine
He's got that flame shit.
by Weezy fucking baby February 20, 2007
2 19
To be used in place of the word fuck, so that it is not swearing.
What the flame are you doing?
Oh flaming hell
by flamesphil February 05, 2007
3 20