UK, Australia, NZ. Fanny= pussy
Silly yanks, fanny= bum
They do seem to have a lot arse about. Even funnier when a girl says "i'll stick that in my fanny pack" which does make for a lot of shocked faces.
I piss myself laughing when that show "the nanny" comes on, at the start the song goes that she got kicked out and landed on her "fanny", ouch, how unfortunate.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
1) British term for pussy
2) a retard
3) American term for ass
4) British term for assing
1) "woah, her fanny is sweet!"
2) "Shut the fuck up you fanny!"
3) "I like big fannys and I cannot lie you other brothers cant deny....." ya right!
4) stop fannying around!
by Jesus April 22, 2003
Vagina, named after early 18th century English erotic novel 'Fanny Hill'. Later became slang for the posterior in the USA.
She takes it in the fanny but never the ass.
by Karl Steiger January 31, 2004
A British word for vagina

Also used to clean up certain swear words
"What are you doing?" "Sweet F*** All"
"What are you doing?" "Sweet Fanny Adams"
by Dave January 23, 2004
Either a non-U.S.An. term for a vagina or pussy or a United States of American term for the buttocks or ass. The regional differences are grounds for humo-U-r.
Winston Churchill: Wow! Last night with the wife was fantastic.
Uncle Sam: Yeah? What did you do to her?
Churchill: Well, first I had to suck her fanny...
Sam: Wait! What did you do?
Churchill: I sucked her fanny--I sucked her fanny dry to where there wasn't anything left in there!
Sam: I didn't know you liked to eat shit.
Churchill: What?!
Sam: You ate your wife's ass out dry, as you said. Either that or she had an operation that switched her ass with her pussy.
Churchill: What the hell are you talking about?
(Winston Churchill and Uncle Sam get into a bitch fight.)
A female English Victorian name
To see ones Fanny by Gaslight
by Arcc March 31, 2003
There is only one true definition of this word.
And that is "pussy". Not "butt" or "ass".
The yanks have it wrong again.
Think of it this way: Americans speak English. English don't speak American. It's that simple really.
We are right, you are wrong.And we're not your cousins.
"Nothing i like better than pounding a fanny.That means i fuck pussy. Not ass.Like a gay american"
by phil k April 24, 2005

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