Holy Spirit; Holy Ghost; Advocate; Paraclete

Predating the Pentecostal groups was a phenomenon called “fire Baptism.” It was an experience preached by some holiness ministers looking for something more than the holiness experience itself. Fire Baptism was the personal religious experience of being filled with and empowered by the Holy Spirit, taking its name from the Holy Spirit’s descent upon the Apostles in the form of tongues of flame.
The Holy Spirit is moving once again in the lives of the faithful just daring us to catch this life changing flame, which once burned so bright.

by NoOne333 October 07, 2005
To be used in place of the word fuck, so that it is not swearing.
What the flame are you doing?
Oh flaming hell
by flamesphil February 05, 2007
A Gun, usually handheld, not like a rifle or ish like that
He won't hesitate to squeeze the flame
by CRZA July 10, 2005
What someone does in SWG when they lose and can't cry to mommy.
Both sides post on forums: Fight us without turrets and jedi and dots and doc and weapons and armor and buffs you newbs.
by godmode April 06, 2005
to be in the state of extreme rectal discomfort, not because of overtly homosexual activities, but because of excessive amounts of diarrhea that will/or is in the currently spewing from the sufferer's anus.

originates from the phrase "flaming diarrhea"
Leave me alone or I will flame on you.
by wimped October 29, 2004
virginity; "flamer" being a virgin
"Yo, I lost my flame to that fly girl at school."

"I'm gunna be a flamer til I'm married."
by Fini August 08, 2004
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