verb, to project oneself blatantly

It refers to male homosexuals.
That suck queen is always flaming. Just in case you haven’t noticed.
Who’s that pansy who’s flaming all over the place?
Flame is conjugated
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008
Sum bomb ass weed.
Nuff sed.
Dis shit rite here is sum flame nigga.
Itll have u out in one hit!
by OG Lokk February 20, 2006
'Fanny Like A Mouse's Ear'
The commonly used acronym for the description of a ladies genital capacity.
'I was with Sarah last night... that truly was a F.L.A.M.E'
'Pop that F.L.A.M.E and get down on it'
'Did you touoh the sides?' 'Yeah, Lindsay has a serious F.L.A.M.E going on'
by Alanette May 19, 2007
pertaining to food: anything that tastes good. delicious. awsome flavor.
1. Dude, taco bell is flame! 2. That burger was so flame. 3. where them flame cookies?
by Scollins June 04, 2005
Used to describe good marijuana or sometimes used to describe something else that's good.
"Yo man, Fat Cheddar's got that flame shit."

"That fried chicken and greens was flame."
by bigSHAYT September 18, 2003
(Brit. Slang)
Similar to bait, an area or situation that is not safe and secure. Used to describe a situation that carries certain risks.
Man, we can't bun here, it's flame.
Lets move bre it's flame-grilled in here!
by Avtex December 27, 2006
word used to express how cool or awesome something is.
dude, that new car is flame bro.
by d-BOT April 01, 2006

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