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A red-headed male that works in a deli, drives a red sports car, and eats slice and bake cookies. The equivalent of an Irish guido.
flame, deli workers, kids with flow, driving mitsubishi's, setting them on fire.
by i<3bells December 12, 2009
Fuckin LAME
Dude 1: did u check out tht new book by meg cabot?
Dude 2: U read that shit? dude thats FLAME!
by Shru - Gaya August 07, 2011
A word refering to a "broad" you have the urge to "bone" aka a girl that is sexually attractive.
Damn dude, that chick was flame

I got with this flame blonde last night
by yomamasmama64 March 07, 2011
Word Invented by twin's homie its another term for the word mariguana
Joker: Ey wey wee just Smoked some bommmb flame

Twins:Simon wey tht was some flame
by LilJoker92ent October 05, 2010
to make fun of sum1 extremely hard.
man dis trick was tryna to call me out, so i flamed her ass
by lweezybaybay December 06, 2009
Insults. Most assaciated on the internet.
V. To insult.
N: Hey don't flame people.
V: He just flamed you.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 03, 2005
verb, to project oneself blatantly

It refers to male homosexuals.
That suck queen is always flaming. Just in case you haven’t noticed.
Who’s that pansy who’s flaming all over the place?
Flame is conjugated
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008