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what i have in my trunk
M-16, Ak-47, Ar-15, and many others
by andrew July 27, 2004
The grooves cut inside a barrel of a gun to spin the bullet as moves through it.
spinning improves accuracy
by Kiuttagh August 24, 2005
v. to cut or manufacture spiraling grooves - most often times inside the barrel of a gun or small arm

n. any small arm that features rifling inside its barrel

Note: Science fiction often mistakenly refers to some portable LASER weapons as "rifles" or "laser rifles". Unless the weapon features rifling (which is unlikely and useless to a laser), then these terms are incorrect.

Also see: rifling
"Gunsmiths first began to rifle muskets in Europe."
by 41d3n January 06, 2008
When shotgun has been called on the passenger seat of a car journey, Rifle can then be called by two of the three backseat passengers to get a window seat instead of being stuck in the middle.
John: Shotgun

Simon: Rifle

Pete: Rifle

Jay: Fuck That, I hate sitting in the middle
by Mr.Red High December 21, 2009
The radio call given by military pilots when a AGM-65 Maverick is fired.
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003
A mean little peice of equipment used in colorguard
man that bitch hit me with her rifle yesterday!

dude i totally threw that rifle and it came flying at me!
by Paige October 20, 2004
the backseat of a car, behind "shotgun" (the front passenger seat), or possibly behind "AK-47" (the driver's seat).

"duuuuuuuuude no."
"yes bitch. you get rifle."
"ugh, fine."
by YAYjay October 27, 2005
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