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-Fuck It Shit Happens

almost like yolo
Guy 1:Why niggas always stealin shit from me bruh?
Guy 2:FISH.
Student 1 :aww shit mrs.n we got a test today? i didnt study!
Teacher:Yes its 15 pages long.
Student 2: Well, FISH b.
by BallinAssNigga May 17, 2012
a word to describe a female
look at fish over there tryna look cute
by ladycartier tiffany February 15, 2007
A member of the opposite gender. See example for proper usage.
"Don't feel bad," said Person A to Person B,"there are many more fish in the sea."
by Keijiro September 27, 2005
Fuck It Shit Happens
Guy 1: "Yolo"
Guy 2: "No it's Fish"
Guy 1: "What"
Guy 2: "Fuck It Shit Happens"
by culture king May 28, 2014

Its the term that means people should move on with life when something goes wrong. If something doesnt go to plan fuck it and carry on rolling. This is also the word putting YOLO out of buisness.
1: Why the hell did you steal my boyfriend
2: ermm.....
3: F.I.S.H
1; true i forgive you
2: ite x
by AIROLG June 02, 2012
Root word of "official," after undergoing minor spelling alterations for convenience and punctuality. Utilizing an alternative marine definition as well, the adjective, "fish," has the ability to introduce ironic humor into any situation.
I'm so fish.

That outfit Brodie Mess isn't wearing is totally fish.

I need to go shopping for some fish shades.
by HLEJONES January 07, 2010
much like FUBAR or SNAFU. FISH stands for Fuck It Shit Happens.

passager- Dude i think that you just ran over a small child

driver- FISH
by cashdog February 27, 2009