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When a female human has a vagina the reeks of rotten fish. So much as to make the strongest of humans vomit. It also has a slight gray color to it as a side effect.
Guy 1: First time last night, it wasn't good.
Guy 2: How was it bad? Did it too fast?
Guy 1: Nah, she just had the fish
Guy 2: Oh crap, I'm sorry bro. It'll be better next time.
by Wang Biologist April 23, 2015
the act of a prostitute slapping you on the face with a rotten fish while wearing a sailors hat on their head. The trick is the prostitute must be missing one leg for her wooden peg to go there.
last night the girls gave me the fish
by magicman225 April 25, 2011
the world's newest hand gesture. it's the opposite of the bird. it is flipped by holding up all fingers (including the thumb) except the middle one. it means just the opposite of the bird as well. where the bird is outright hate and disrespect, the fish is the symbol of awesomeness - to be thrown up whenever something awesome happens or is happening. It can also be held in the same manner as the bird (directed at someone) to tell them that they are awesome for what they are doing, or just awesome all around.
He threw a bag of marshmallows at the guy that pissed him off so I flipped him the fish!
by Sir Spoogealot February 02, 2006
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