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A PG replacement for "shit".
A Kid: Dad, I accidently lit your screenplay on fire.
Dad: Ah, fish.
by SejwickRogue November 02, 2008
First In Still Here. inventory that never leaves the warehouse
Auditor: What do you operate on - FIFO, LIFO?
Warehouse supervisor: F.I.S.H. some of these things here are older than my grandad!
by tlim March 09, 2007
A person whose entire life revolves around one thing and who is perfectly happy remaining ignorant of real life and the outside world.

Like how a fish is perfectly happy inside of their bowl, not even caring that there is an entire ocean out there.
Jeremy is such a fish. All he does is go to the gym, talk about the gym, eat at the gym, and think about the gym. Does he do anything else besides the gym? No, because he's a fish.
by sicasays September 19, 2014
by charmer13 October 24, 2013
Fuck It Shit Happens
"I just got shot in the face, but FISH!"
by Oliverkush September 17, 2013
A group of artists undertaking menial tasks around the home.
How many surrealists does it take to change a light build? a fish.
by fooslayer November 07, 2011
girl 1: that guys a fish

girl 2: he's a what?!

girl 1: a fish-someones who's fit intelligent sexy and hot

girl 2: ohhh i agree
by LilTierneyBradshaw November 22, 2010