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laughing but serious
Me: Knock Knock
Your Mom: who's there
Me: Boo
Your Mom: Boo who
Me: Why are you crying.
Your mom: LBS
by Kingformerlyknownaskhari February 25, 2010
335 181
L=Loose B=Bowel S=Syndrome;
when you drop one and its straight up diarrhea.
by D33ZI3 BABI3 August 25, 2010
59 24
weight in pounds, usually refering to one's physique.
"Dude, she's hot!"
"I don't know, man. She's packing some major LBs."
by J-Fi July 11, 2005
216 182
1. (unit of measurement) the abbreviation for pounds, which is weird because the word "pound" doesn't have an "L" or a "B" in it, that's English for ya.

2. acronym for a few different phrases:

- Local Bike Shop (similar to local fish shop)

- Little Bitch Syndrome, which is a tendency to be lazy

- Laughing But Serious
Carrie: Damn girl! you have lost some LBs!! what have you been doin all summer?

Sheila: I got a sweet hardtail from our favorite LBS and I've been hittin the trail like everyday.

Carrie: wow, I'm going to stop being a lazy bitch and join you!

Sheila: giggles... "LBS" ...giggles
by pixelfairy January 11, 2012
75 53
Little Bitch Syndrome
Guy 1: Did you ever get around to banging Alyssa?
Guy 2: We were about to, but my LBS kicked in and I chickened out.
by Eesaac March 23, 2014
5 1
A synonym for pounds. When read, you read it as pounds. Originated from the Zodiac Sign, Libra, which is a balance, or scale. That referred to weight, so people decided to substitute it for pounds.
24 lbs.=24 pounds
by [E]vzfire13 May 30, 2009
23 19
A term for pounds.
She weighed around 85lbs when she stepped on the scale.
by David!!!??? June 25, 2009
26 29