FISH!- a random word to scream out when things are tense.
~A serious study hall~
by Confuseded February 07, 2005
Hella bass, hella slap.
Damn that song has fishes!
by CGpalace November 07, 2008
something you go in card games; drawing a card
"Go fish!"
"Go fuck yourself."
by Nick D March 06, 2003
An acronym that means "FUCK IT, SHIT HAPPENS"

Appropriate to say:
1. When something discouraging happens and it doesn't trouble you or bother you
2. when an inconvenience happens to you and it doesn't phase you or keep you down
3. you don’t care about when the outcome isn’t in your favor
Coach: “Okay guys our game will now start two hours earlier!”
Athlete 1: “Awe man this blows, not enough time to get ready”
Athlete 2: “F.I.S.H.!! we are ready now!”

Friend: “aww dude you stepped in dog shit”
Kid: “Ah, no wonder”
Friend: “bro you’re starting to smell”
Kid: “hey, you know what”
Friend: “What?”
Kid: “fish”
Friend: “huh???” -_-
Kid: “Yep” :)
by arreceb nailimixam May 09, 2012
Fuck It Shit Happens
Within 1 week I lost my best friend, girlfriend, and and my dog dies... O well F.I.S.H.
by Phoenixds September 20, 2010
something of mine that dies in the first week i get it.
... my fish just died.
by so true its not even funny. May 27, 2010
A new measurement system based on the ca. lenght of a fish (20cm)
I am 8,95 fishes tall (179cm)

Well I'm 9,5 fishes tall! hah I win!!! (190cm)

by Combustion Man from Denmark September 13, 2009

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