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Golf slang. Used when a player fails to advance the ball. Fuck Its Still Here
F.i.s.h. I'll try again.
by Al Denmark July 01, 2006
64 56
noun; an honorary vegetable from a non-vegetarian point of view.
The belief stems from those that never won games of animal, vegetable, mineral.
The buffet has got plenty for those who are vegetarians: fresh salmon; sushi; tuna vol-au-vents
by eddietheshit January 18, 2005
18 12
Symbol used to represent Jesus Christ, son of the Almighty God. Once used to direct churchgoers to worship in secret churches in countries where worshiping God was illegal.
by Keegster April 24, 2003
18 12
Guy 1- My girlfriend broke up with me.
Guy 2- F.I.S.H. ,bro.
by SHEEZY May 09, 2012
8 3
A member of the opposite gender. See example for proper usage.
"Don't feel bad," said Person A to Person B,"there are many more fish in the sea."
by Keijiro September 27, 2005
87 82
A freshman (in high school or in a college/university)
Stupid fish, the lunchroom is over there.
by Victor December 30, 2004
79 74
Someone who blabs his or her mouth constantly but doesn't really say anything (useful) much like how a fish is always opening and closing its mouth but never really says anything.
That guy over there is such a fish.
by Donutsalad April 13, 2013
5 1