fish a word that can be added at the end of a sentence for comedic effect or just to add a certain random kazaz to your sentence eg: whore fish, pleb fish , jew fish , gay fish and so on and so fourth
generic lad3: hahaha ur mums a whore fish and u drive a volvo u cheap ass gay fish

random: aww i cant argu ur use of the word fish has made we want to consume my own body weight in chocolate and salted snacks.
by generic boy7 June 19, 2006
a new guy i prison that gets raped (especially ass-raped) in prison.
BACKGROUND INFORMATION: now when i was in highschool the guys kept saying how other guys were fishes and when i asked one of them what it means, he said. "a new guy that gets raped in prison" then i asked him if he was serious and he said "yeah, ass-raped"
some gangster: "yo, did you hear, our homey is now a fish for some big guy. i can't believe he was stupid enough to get caught committing a crime
by Gentle Ben June 02, 2006
a rascist acronym- fucking israeli shit head
Laura likes to eat fish
by jasondfdasfds February 23, 2006
a scale for weighting yo shit out (yo drugs,cheech)
"you got that fish?"
means- "do you have a scale"
"how bout that fish"
means-"how about that scale"
by ismokethedankness September 26, 2005
a euphenism for fuck. when you're around people who hate swearing.
What the fish is that doing there?
I hate that lousy fu...fisher. Erm...
What the FISH??
by Lolli Queen September 06, 2005
Any single noun that exists
"Pass me the fish"
"don't you look at me like that with those fish"
"I need to take a fish"
"who's read my fish"
"get my fish into ya"
Get the idea FIIUUSSHH??!!??
by Andy J January 05, 2005
1. (n, slang) Another word for a pushover, someone who can easily be dominated. Synonomous with "bitch" as in "someone's bitch".

2. (n, slang) Someone who is very easily defeated in competition. Usually refers to combat-style games or wargames, which involve guns. Comes from the phrase "like shooting fish in a barrel".
1. "Can't stand her friends, buncha fish."

2. "So how was the big paintball tourney?"
"Heh. Fish."
by nerian January 16, 2004
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