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A crack hesd or some one who acts like one..... an erratic/irrational person. Used since the 80s till present time.
Hey Cuz, I just rented that smokers car for a 20 piece of soup....lets ride all night! OR That guy just dropped his pants and started tuggin on his dong.....What a fuckin smoker! OR That smoker bitch just dabbed me and sold me some fake shit!
by Pete Negwaski! September 26, 2007
Someone who inhales smoke on purpose to get a fix of nicotine, a highly addictive drug that should be illegal. They don't realize that smoke is just filth, basically the opposite of fresh clean air. This is worse than inhaling straight up farts, but they do it anyway because they are just so stupid. A smoker could just get an electronic cigarette and inhale their nicotine in water vapor with some flavoring, but they usually don't. They just continue inhaling filth because they are hopeless addicts stuck in a behavioral rut. Smokers usually litter because they don't even care about themselves, let alone the world around them.
Hey smoker! Could you please pick up that butt before I feed it to you and kick you in the balls?
by chuckybubbles December 02, 2011
One who puts poison in their body. If kept up, smokers will eventually die unpeacefully by sufficating.
Smoker: Hey, you wanna smoke?
Non-smoker: No way- there are cooler ways to die.

--5 years later--

Wrinkly Smoker: hey, do you wanna catch a movie later?
Girl: Sorry, I only go out with guys my age.
Wrinkly Smoker: I am your age!
Girl: Ohh sorry.. then i guess your a smoker.. cool real cool-- nott
by shaun white is a hottiee April 01, 2006
A greasy and weird person that everyone strongly dislikes. Smokers usually have greasy hair and wear the same clothing every day.

This person will tend to hang around with you or your group of friends. A Smoker is someone you have ditched or attempted to ditch before.

To avoid a smoker just yell "smoker" then run away as fast as you can. Smokers are usually slow and will not be able to follow you.
Bob- "I hate that guy. He's such a smoker."

Phillip- " oh hear he comes, Smoker!!"
Bob- "Run!"

Derek- "look out hear comes a smoker."
by MADDOG199411 June 15, 2011
Short for CockSmoker.
That gay bith Kev Ryan is such a smoker. And he has a little willy to smoke on too!!!
by Phillp November 24, 2003
An old or cheap car that burns oil, has poor body work, things wrong with it or and mixture of the above.
"I'm in the market for a smoker, it has to be under £500"

"Sod walking, let's take the smoker"
by Captinsmoker March 17, 2010
A complete idiot who thinks poisoning themself is cool.
Cigarettes contain rat poison and carbon monoxide. CO is used for suicide it stops your red blood cells from working so you die from lack of oxygen!

Smokers shouldn't get free hospital treatment! It should go to people who didn't harm themselves!

(why was this not published before? I'm an editor too and the guides say publish opinions.)
by Goldfish United! March 02, 2009
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