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FOOD from the SEA!

hoorah for seafood!

i want some good seafood

food from the sea!
by BE_PREPARED! August 13, 2007
The chewed up mushed food located in the mouth that the consumer shows to another person.
"Do you like seafood?"
*bleahhhhh!* (sticks out tongue)
by KylieKay June 16, 2008
A.K.A "see food" when a person is eating and opens up their mouth to show another person what's inside as a joke.
person 1:"do you like sea food?"
person 2:"yeah!"

*person 1 opens mouth*
person 2: "ewwwww!!"
by mckishyboo August 06, 2010
LSD. A psychedelic drug commonly found on blotter paper.
Lemme stick some of that seafood under my tongue!
by max123123 December 17, 2009
A sailor; sailors. (Gay slang)
On the first day of Fleet Week, Kevin and Bruce strolled down to the wharf to partake of some seafood.
by Snickelfritz August 05, 2004