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The act of doing too much nos at a party, concert, ect. It is smillar to a small seizure.
"Dude, that kid is about to fish out."
"He did way to many ballons."

Thanks kids from Matisyahu concert.
by adsgjka;hgk;lads May 11, 2006
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the brap brap brap brap feeling you get in your head when you inhale nitrous oxide gas (n2o gas) out of a balloon. happens in conjunction with the 45 second high when you're totally out of it. happens almost immediately.
dude that song sounded totally trippy as soon as i started to fish out.
by Bob Handle November 23, 2007
A blending of the terms "drink like a fish" and "pig out" to describe a person who binges on alcohol.
Dude #1: Hitting the booze a little early, aren't we?

Dude #2: Screw you, I just lost my job. I'm gonna fish out today.
by Rodavon December 28, 2010
Used to express farewell usually followed by a raised index and middle finger (insinuating peace)towards the people addressed.
V*Money: yo mang, when the fuck are you gonna get them blunts?

WaltWater: aiight mang, imma go get em, optimos right?

V*Money: Yes sir..

WaltWater: "FISH OUT"
by v money April 28, 2004

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