what unclean vagina can smell like
Man, that girl's pussy smells like fish, I wouldn't fuck with her!
by STREET POET August 04, 2004
The animal that flavours the womans vagina.
Damn woman, you smell like fish!!
by Leigh Kemp March 29, 2004
a close friend to you and is in your gang
hey fish come over hurre
by frecklez December 29, 2003
fish, something we have probally all eating except for Tucker. tucker has never eatin fish before (and by fish i mean pussy)
hey "fish" stinks so fucking bad
by Andrew "PIMP" October 29, 2003
Food substance that can be eaten by those who consider themselves reasonably humane, but cannot face eating vegetable alone.
Peterson eats fish.
by Peterson September 02, 2003
A mest up LiL kid who Things he is the biggest Pimp ever when really he cant get any
dude dose anybody smell fish... no its just marlon is near
by BrYtTaNi MiLlER July 26, 2003
a dirty smelly unwashed kooch just like what charlene africa has
charlene has a nasty fish from being fucked by 99% percent of the worlds male population
by charleneisa_dirtyfuckinho July 17, 2003
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