A non sequitur used:

1. when one mishears part of what another says.

2. to regain a group's focus during a lull in the conversation after off topic rambling.

3. to change the subject.

4. to kindly insult a friend/coworker when they say/do something mindless.

5. as a form of agreement.

Note: originaly used in situation #1. Has since spread like a virus.
1. Them: "Did you want to go to lunch with us?" You: "Fishes?! What?!"

2. <extended group silence> Random group member: "Fishes!"

3. Them: "...so that's why I started using (random embarasing personal hygene product)." You: <long pause> "Fishes."

4. You: <walk into room, search around, forget what you were looking for> Them: "Fishes?"

5. Them: "This sucks." You: <nodding head> "Fishes."
by GremlinSix August 21, 2005
used to fairly give away an object, similar to shotgun.

Normally used in situations invloving majiuana induced munchies, fish is used to fairly distribute food, seats or any other object/concept imaginable.

One person shouts fish, and the first person to say it back gets whatever the first person is giving away. If more than one person shouts it at the same time, it goes on to the first person to shout bollocks, cunt, and then the person who can go on the longest shouting as many swear words - arse, tits, and wank being popular alternatives.
"hey, can i have that bag of nick naks?"
"maybe ill fish some at the end"
"fish!bollocks!cunt!arse!tits!wank! That was blatently me!"
by corned_trout July 05, 2005
term used to describe a gay male
"Hey fish, get your queer ass over here"
by Jeff B. C. May 08, 2005
A stank vagina, with a fish smell to it; commonly referred to when discussing Undecided
Undecided, your fish be stinkay!
by JimmiF January 06, 2005
i heard some people use the word fish to mean gay or fag, when i asked if there was a connection i was told that
fish fry in oil and fags fry in come.
everybody knows that the sob is a goddamn fish.
by mahmoud gaafar December 02, 2004
An alcoholic beverage
You got the fish?

Yeah, we are going fishing tonight.
by Hughbert Gerald Rection August 03, 2004
a gay little stoner who is scared of gettin a hair cut and fancys amy gun
joe fish
by dan moore March 22, 2004

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