a dirty smelly unwashed kooch just like what charlene africa has
charlene has a nasty fish from being fucked by 99% percent of the worlds male population
by charleneisa_dirtyfuckinho July 17, 2003
the awful vile rotten scent that seems to linger in between the legs of nasty women ie hookers sluts and trailer trash
Don swore his ex used to keep an aquarium full of fish between her legs.
to try to acquire something.
Bitch was fishing for compliments, saying shit like "I lost 5 lbs." and "I just got implants." and "How do I look?" So I pimp-slapped her.
by Nick D March 06, 2003
Relating to sex, the vagina. A prostitute, a promiscuous woman. A heavy drinker, he who drinks like a fish. A Roman Catholic tradition of abstaining from meat on a Friday.
Hey dude! look at all those fish on Howe st...
by manowhore September 02, 2010
Stands for:
Rachel: Hey Kat you know Holly?

Kat: Yeah, What about her?

Rachel: She came up to me today and was all like, "Heeeeey, is that your new booyfrieend?, Maybe we should trade! He's sooo much hotter than mine! Now i'm gunna go play with my kitties!"

Rachel: She's is such a FISH!

Kat: Wow, yeah she is, Kitties? And, this was during school, What a retarted FISH.
by 2rad4u November 24, 2009
when a homosexual male dresses like a female or cross dresses.
Are you going fish tonight Gary?
by Jaismine May 13, 2008
Noun. Description of a female who looks great from a side view, but rather unimpressive or downright scary once looked at from a front view. Derived from the underwater creatures with same name, with the same qualities.
"Hey Eric, check out that girl on the side. She looks hot!"

"Well, I walked by her earlier man. She's a fish."

"Oh. Damn."
by Splinter The Teacher July 30, 2006
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