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Female masturbation.
I was so horny last night, I had to delve to relieve it.
by Jenn00234 June 11, 2006
pre tense delve
present tense delving
post tense delved
To seek information cautiously
or to dig or labor with a spade
Refer to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
Capital "D" at the begging of a sentence.
I'm going to delve into this mater and find out what happened!
by MasterDelve April 05, 2008
to use or abuse a hallucinogenic drug of the deliriant variety.
The term is used most predominantly by those who frequent 420chan's deliriant board when referring to ingesting massive amounts of diphenhydramine (Benadryl in the US).
Delving is notoriously unpleasant and often terrifying to the user. Yet some drug users are drawn to delving by the very realistic looking hallucinations of non-existant people and objects, that are not seen on other types of drugs.
If you REALLY think you are ready to delve, take 30 benadryl and then call me back the next day.
by Another Rabid Intellectual October 25, 2012
Immensely homosexual beyond all normal definition.
OMFG You are delve...get away from me you delve bitch!
by Panny February 03, 2003

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