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What the Ha! Ha! Guy deepfucked your sister for in exchange for a handful.
"Dude, you got any fiddle faddle?"
"Yeah man, I deepfucked your sister for a handful."
by geographyp October 21, 2007
1. nonsense
2. to squander one's time
3. a brand of candy coated popcorn
1. I don't have time for all this fiddle-faddle.
2. I don't have time to fiddle-faddle with all these meaningless arguments.
by Millefune September 12, 2009
A group, consisting of at least 3 little people, also known as midgets. A fiddle faddle is a very rare occurrence in the modern world, thus viewing such a group should be celebrated and documented.

Be careful...a fiddle faddle is nothing to mess with. Be sure to wear approrpate shin and foot protection when encountering such a group, as they are most commonly known to be aggressive. Spotters most frequently report injuries sustained from the elusive fiddle faddle including bitten and bruised shins, as well and mangled toes, and sometimes even a head-butted groin.

If you can capture a picture of a fiddle faddle in the wild, you must report it to national geographic and post it on as many social networking sites as possible, to share your find with the rest of the world. (you might get some good money for it, ooooo!)

Good places to spot a fiddle faddle of midgets include: in and around circuses, las vegas, hollywood, the great plains of Africa, and in choice locations around europe and alaska. (eskimo fiddle faddles are an endangered species).
On a safari:

Ryan: "Hey, did you see that herd of elephants?"
Katie: "No, I was too busy tracking the fiddle faddle. A most incredible experience...there were over fifty midgets frolicking in the tall grass...simply amazing!!!!"
Ryan: "Wow, I hope you got them on camera...nobody is going to believe you."
Katie: "Of course I did"
by Cry-Laugher K-Keezy February 14, 2010
A problem that turns into a big mess
Transferring army units from one state to the other is a big fiddle faddle.
by zzp August 28, 2011
A blow jobtechnique where a girl does random movements with her tongue on the head of the penis.
"Dude, I heard Cindy gave you a blowjob man!"
"Yeah man, it was awesome! When she used the fiddle faddle I came
by mrcandlestick January 23, 2012
It's a carmel popcorn and peanut treat. Kind of like cracker-jacks or poppycock.
That's good faddle.
by Robert June 01, 2004
tickling with one crooked finger
"stop that fiddle faddle between my breasts, andrew"
by faddled November 23, 2009
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