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a hot dog
Give me one of them delicious looking faddles, please.
by detlefschremph May 07, 2011
(v) to engage in, with vigour, a task that you would normally not put much effort into because of lack of enthusiasm, low self-confidence or other inculpative factors
we are going out tonight, and we're gonna put a faddle on it!
by SenorJordo July 23, 2011
Fat, puffy, feet that resemble a paddle. Great for swimming, not so attractive to look at.
Look at that girls feet. I can't even see any toe definition.

Man, she is rocking some straight faddles.
by Lrzewnicki August 29, 2009
completes a nonsensical task; creates nonsense, either with or without self-knowledge.
The U.S Senate fiddles, faddles.
by Mike Gellerman June 24, 2006
johnny truant's peepee.
i want to touch your faddle, j.t.
by George July 13, 2004

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