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What happens when you are smoking pot and have to take a shit in the woods, but forget you are doing it and start to walk off in the middle. Squatting and wandering at the same time.
He started to squeeze out a big one, but then stood up in the middle and squandered off absentmindedly.
by Xaprb December 30, 2003
To talk to your best friend while drunk and taking a piss.
Yo kyle, come squander with me.
by Shane/Kyle October 18, 2005
in volleyball when you get a really awesome set from the setter and the hitter tips it over instead of smacking it to the floor
Laurie squandered the ball after Mary set a really good ball.
by golf4girl July 12, 2005
the bone above your ass crack
that squander of yours is by far the sharpest i have seen
by neez/roddie September 02, 2004
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