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The act of licking the smegma from beneath the foreskin in order to provide sexual pleasure for the subject.
Carla: Hey Micky-T, I was Fro-Licking Luke last night!
Micky-T: Can I watch next time?
by Geezerz September 08, 2015
Frolicking is a modern 21st century dance than involves arching your back and running on the tips of your toes.
Last night John kept frolicking all the way to the car.
by Proudcalizian October 20, 2015
Pronounced "fro-licking". The act of licking ones Afro, usually referring to the below the belt region of a man or woman.
Damn, my girl shaved her junk bare...I hate when she shaves. Guess I won't be frolicking anytime soon.
by PumpkinFluffs October 12, 2014
The art of licking a fro. Comes in different flavours depending on the shampoo and conditioner(if used). Often makes the hair easier to maintain in place.
kerbear is often seen frolicking about. Sometimes she frolicks in my hair and forgets that I don't have a fro.
by kerbear & tofen October 05, 2006

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