ugly rednecks
my neighbors are festers
by ozzy October 13, 2003
freak or a freaky person; a person you would not want to associate with;
Also can be used to describe oneself when feeling down;
Probable origin from the character of Uncle Fester from the Adams Family ; and from medical terminology i.e. festering wound- slimy, pus-oozing septic infection.
"Oh my god look at those festers over there!" Says Zack, "What a smelly bunch of freaks", replies Mr Smacs;
"Listen, Mr Wisey, Uncle Fester is all-festered-out, but he's got nuthin' on you, you festered out festering fester fest of a festerval in festerville, festered out fester!" Laney quips;
"Oh crap I better get my shit together I'm turning into a fester", Fordy muses to himself;
"This crappy small town is a fester-ville, see those festered-out dudes? They look like a bunch of
Gleesons let loose in the wild while on a surf safari" Daz remarks;
"Hell no I wont go...those street parties are turning into real fester-vals" states Pierre Condom;
by Zack Bathory January 13, 2008
something or someone whom is super crusty, lingering around, a person place or thing, a feeling (feel like a fester face)

also known as something you want to do!
"wish we could fester together!"
he's a total fester!

i love festering, but im not a fester!

festering all day long

the dishes are festering all over the house!

fester alert! fester alert!

ewe, massive pile of fester on your right!

i feel like a fester today!

i look like a fester!

can i borrow a piece of fester please?

my room is festering with clothes everywhere!

I'm sick of cleaning up your crusty ass fester!

I'm bored, wanna fester?

you're so annoying, all you do is fester

please keep your fester to yourself.

she's the queen of fester!

crusty fester
fester face
festy mcfesterson
silly fester
smelly fester
fat fester
by jabjabjab December 07, 2009
Mainly designated as a person that stands up friends that are going to the Beer Festival. mainly they seem to be located in Knoxville, but can usually be found anywhere Beer is a bargain. beerfested me again! Whatever, that fester will never come down and wax your car. Did you get fested?
by Billy Joe Jim March 10, 2008
a series of events taken by men every few months (from the day they turn 18 and up) with their mans, usually involving driving around town for hours, the purchase of tobacco, harassment of gas-station employees, eating corndogs, and the half-serious search for pornographic magazines
I should really call Luke, Pat, and Austin. We haven't festered in a long while, and I'm craving a cigar and a corndog.
by Toph23 July 12, 2009
someone renowned for thinking they're something or someone when they're nothing at all.
To do a joel
by ;) June 07, 2003
One of the most disgusting yet disturbingly erotic stories you'll ever read on the internet. You can usually find it on or 4chan's /b/, rarely though.
Guy 1: Hey man, did you read that story online called "Fester"?

Guy 2: Yeah, that shit was disgusting! I got a boner, though.

Guy 1: You sick fuck!
by -Ninja_Jesus- July 12, 2009

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