Fellatio (v.)

Good ole American fun...In fact...good ole fashioned fun from any region of the world.

The act of penetrating the mouth with the phallus.

Ex I: Wow she performs fellatio well

Ex II: Wow he performs fellatio well

Ex III: HOLY SHIT!!! Is that cow performing fellatio?!?!? Oh never mind that's just Renee Zellweger
by The Red Avenger October 23, 2008
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The term use in polite company which refers to the subservient act of orally stimulating the male sex organ with, but not limited to, the lips, mouth and tongue, during which suction pressure is applied to the male organ, usually resulting in the need to shampoo.
Fellatio is not a town in France.
by Reginald Whattabone September 13, 2003
oral stimualtion of the penis
Before coitus the girl performed fellatio on Tommy.
by Xyrus November 13, 2003
Oral stimulation of the penis,
from Latin, literally, to suck.
My girlfriend doesn't swallow after fellatio.
by El Cid June 21, 2003
fancy way of saying giving head
I always find its polite to give my boyfriends fellatio
by hotsexbaby May 13, 2005
Performing oral sex on a man, a blowjob i.e. sucking and licking a male penis.
My girlfriend gives me amazing fellatio, she knows exactly what I like.
by Little Blue Patakha January 15, 2003
The beautiful art of cock sucking in which one lovingly places the penis of one's partner into one's mouth and caresses it with the tongue and tonsils while at the same time sucking ever so gently and moving one's head back and forth massaging the head of the penis.

If fellatio is performed properly, one's partner will ejaculate, at which time you should swallow his generous deposit, though amateurs often expel the semen from their mouths.

Fellatio should be practiced frequently, for every art and skill should be honored and perfected.
After Alex's date with Tom at the movies and the really expensive new restaurant, she thanked him by performing fellatio on him in his car. Tom welcomed her by cumming in her mouth, and promising another date next week.
by artoffellatio January 28, 2008
oral sex to a man
good fellatio is not grinding it with the teeth
by Maxwell K. Davison March 25, 2003

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