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fancy way of saying giving head
I always find its polite to give my boyfriends fellatio
by hotsexbaby May 13, 2005
much motha fuckin clown love used by Juggalos and Juggalettes as a way of expressing there clown love for each other
MMFCL my friend
by hotsexbaby May 27, 2004
a car you can drive recklessly without worrying about crashing it cuz it is already a worthless peice of junk
Id rather have a beater than no car at all
by hotsexbaby May 13, 2005
pussy, usually said by juggalos/lettes
Cotton Candy and Popsicles!
by hotsexbaby May 13, 2005
a clove cigarette named after the sound it makes while it burns
"can i bum a kretek?"

"kretek kretek"
by hotsexbaby February 06, 2006
both queer and weird
Dude you look so queird today!
by hotsexbaby May 27, 2004
a big fuckin whore who is just nasty and probably isnt even pretty just loose and easy.
katy libby is a town bicycle
by hotsexbaby May 26, 2004
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