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suck long, suck hard, and suck often. There is a specific art to giving a blowjob. Prefferably this is done on a bed. Kiss down his chest and unbutton his pants with your teeth. Slowly suck the tip of his dick, swirling your tounge around it. While doing this, jerk off the base. After a while you will feel the guy tense up and get really excited. This is when you really start to suck. Move your head back and forth allowing his dick to jam against the back of your throat. Also gently massage his balls, and keep jerking it off. Soon he will jizz. Swallow it all right up, and lick up the excess. He will LOVE this. When he has finished and you too, button his pants for him, and tell him, "no problem, any time."
the fellatio was the best one he's ever had...until next time
by tatanispe December 09, 2010
The Act Of A Woman Performing Oral Sex On A Man, Also Known as a Blowjob.

"Verb" = Fellating,Fellated
I got Bored Home Alone, So My GF Fellated me "Fellatio"
by StreetDJ1991 July 06, 2010
Fellatio is a blow job or giving somebody head, but is usually used in hentai's for the best blow job in your life.

Or a really erotic blow job.

Super deep throat she really likes to give it to. Thats part of it.
Oww big brother are you ready for the Fellatio... (She peels back the fore skin rubbing him erect. Licks the tip stroking his shaft, then takes him deep done forcing him to cum).

Hunny would you like to give me my Final Fellatio before I die.
by Valous? May 21, 2010
A wonderful act which PETA members are sad about never experiencing.
fellatio, something a carrot can not substitute.
by JadeGoody March 17, 2010
Fellatio (v.)

Good ole American fun...In fact...good ole fashioned fun from any region of the world.

The act of penetrating the mouth with the phallus.

Ex I: Wow she performs fellatio well

Ex II: Wow he performs fellatio well

Ex III: HOLY SHIT!!! Is that cow performing fellatio?!?!? Oh never mind that's just Renee Zellweger
by The Red Avenger October 23, 2008
Giving a blow job
"I gave him a fellatio"
by q3825fd July 24, 2009
Term that refers to a communal drinking activity similar to funneling in which people consume large amounts of alcohol via tubular devices. The object is to try to overwhelm the drinker such that the alcohol covers their faces.
We had a mad game of fellatio going last night! She was a champ at fellatio.
by ksquared226 April 14, 2011