A great symbol of love between a man and a woman or man and man. The woman first gets on her knees and places her partner's penis in her mouth (drops down on him). She begins to maneuver her mouth around the penis. Ejaculation is quite possible.
Honey, would you like a fellatio?
by Vince Tersigni November 16, 2005
From the great Chris Rock:
What married men get compared to single men.
Single men get blowjobs. Married men get fellatio.
by CK January 26, 2005
Oral sex with a male (blowjob, head)
The girlfriend gave her boyfriend fellatio.
by Silent Jay March 18, 2003
The proper term for, but not limited to: Dome, Brain, Face, Neck, Skully, Head, Cabeza, Hoover, Painting the pole, Sucking Cock, Blow Job, Throat, Deep Thoating, Chickenhead, Swallowing Kids, Birth Control, The HIgh Salute, Losing YOur Keys, Chode Chomping/Chomping Chode, 3rd Base, Polished, etc.
Naw i'm to tired to TAX and the games on, but how about some Fellatio?
by Sir Lopez May 31, 2005
Oral sex performed on a man, like Monica Lewinsky did to Bill Clinton.
Every Thursday he engaged in degrading forms of sodomy, fellatio and cunnilingus.
by GuidoPosse69 February 03, 2005
A trouser friendly kiss
"and they will make you call fellatio a trouser friendly kiss! their no look their neurotic, their possibly psychotic it's the fellas at the freakin FCC!!!
by FCCwriter January 12, 2009
suck long, suck hard, and suck often. There is a specific art to giving a blowjob. Prefferably this is done on a bed. Kiss down his chest and unbutton his pants with your teeth. Slowly suck the tip of his dick, swirling your tounge around it. While doing this, jerk off the base. After a while you will feel the guy tense up and get really excited. This is when you really start to suck. Move your head back and forth allowing his dick to jam against the back of your throat. Also gently massage his balls, and keep jerking it off. Soon he will jizz. Swallow it all right up, and lick up the excess. He will LOVE this. When he has finished and you too, button his pants for him, and tell him, "no problem, any time."
the fellatio was the best one he's ever had...until next time
by tatanispe December 09, 2010

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