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(noun) - Harvard-style definition: flatulance occuring, and most likely caused by the activity, while one is engaged in sexual intercourse.
URBAN DEF.: a fart while one is having a fuck, or fucking.
also: farking, farked
(origin: the term is a mix of the two derogatory terms "fart" and "fuck"; Source: High Times magazine, 1980s)
He suddenly stopped banging her, dragging his ass to the side of the bed to avoid farking a third time, and swore he'd never again eat bean chili during a date.
by ringhorne July 27, 2005
9 54
1. Cyber-plaza where stories, comments, individuality and creativity are promoted.
2. Hang out for sociophobes, psychopaths, perverts, losers, 4ax0rs, l33ts, kittys and Admiral Ackbar.
3. A good waste of bandwidth.
Drew spilled beer on the fark server again.
by Orius September 03, 2002
901 349
A substitute for profanity, esp. fuck, mostly in places where profanity is filtered/prohibited
The farking game just died on me!
by Concerto November 06, 2003
465 172
A 'not-news' clearing house
Not news: Dog bites Mailman
News: While Mailman was in a vehicle
Fark: That the Mailman was trying to steal
by Matt June 19, 2006
174 115
to make a website unavailable by sending massive amounts of users to it see DOS
man, we farked that site!
by farkette January 02, 2003
232 200
An exclamation, mostly used instead of the word "fuck".
"Fark! I can't find my phone!"
by ravernousrhino April 27, 2010
49 39
When a dog barks and flatulates simultaneously.
My dog ate a bunch of broccoli and now he's farking his head off at the mailman.
by HeppCat December 02, 2013
4 1
The act of accidentally getting your own cigarette smoke in your eye.
"Damnit! I farked myself."
by n4t$ June 26, 2013
2 7